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Why Do Hot Air Balloons Only Fly In The Morning?

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Why do hot air balloons only fly in the morning?

Hot air balloon rides in the morning are the best time to see the sunrise and enjoy a beautiful day. 

The sun rises at around 6:30 am, so you can expect to see it increasing as your ride starts. If you are lucky enough to be on the ground when the sun comes up, you will have a fantastic view of the sky turning pink and orange.

The sunsets are at around 4 pm. It means that you should already be back home with a full belly from lunch.

If you want to avoid crowds, try going early in the morning or late afternoon.

If you plan to take photos, try to go during the weekdays before work hours.

Morning flight has better weather conditions. 

Balloon pilots know that the weather is much more stable in the morning than later in the day.

The wind speed tends to be lower, the temperature is more constant, and there are fewer clouds. It makes for a smoother ride.

In addition, most people get up earlier in the morning, making the trip less crowded.

It also helps if you fly over water because the wind is usually stronger near the surface.

You may experience turbulence due to the strong winds blowing across the lake, but this is not dangerous.

You will feel pushed around, but it’s just the wind pushing against the balloon.

What are the other factors to consider on a morning air balloon flight?

There are many things to consider before booking a morning air balloon flight. Some of these include:

  • Weather forecast – You need to check the forecast well ahead of time to ensure that the weather is suitable for your flight.
  • Wind direction – The wind direction affects how high you can go.
  • Flight duration – Balloon flights last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the balloon.
  • Flight altitude – Balloon flights start at about 100 meters (328 ft) above the ground.
  • Flight season – Hot air balloon flights are available all year round. However, they tend to be busiest during the summer months.
  • Flight routes – There are different types of ways that you can take while on a hot air balloon ride.
  • Weather temperatures – It is essential to remember that the higher the temperature, the harder it is to control the balloon.
  • Safety regulations – Most countries require that passengers wear safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets.

Hot air balloon rides: Unpredictable conditions

Hot air balloon pilots must decide the weather and wind direction based on their experience. They may choose to take off if they feel confident about the conditions.

They also need to consider whether there is sufficient lift for the balloon to reach its destination.

A pilot may only have a two-hour hot air balloon ride for calm conditions.

In addition, the pilot needs to consider how long it takes to fill the balloon with hot air. It depends on the size of the balloon and the weight of the passengers.

  • Harsh conditions

When the weather is not suitable, the pilot will postpone the flight until better conditions arise.

It is essential to understand that the pilot cannot predict when the weather will improve.

Hence, if you plan on booking a hot air balloon ride, check the forecast and choose a date that suits you.

  • Balloon burner malfunction 

The balloons are fill-up with hot air by burning propane gas. This process creates carbon dioxide, which expands as the balloon rises into the sky.

However, sometimes the burners fail to light correctly.

It causes the balloon to lose pressure and sink back down to earth.

If this happens, the balloon will descend rapidly.

It could result in injury or death.

  • Lighting strikes

Sometimes lightning strikes occur close to the balloon. If this happens, the balloon will suddenly drop.

The pilot should try to land safely.

If the balloon lands safely, the pilot should wait for the storm to pass.

Otherwise, they should continue the flight.

Evening balloon flights

Hot air balloon business owners often offer evening balloon flights instead of morning ones.

It is because most people prefer to stay inside after sunset. However, this does mean that you might miss out on seeing the sunrise.

You can still get a great view of the sunset, though!

The balloon ride experience in the evening is also great because you can see more stars than usual.

Do hot air balloons fly when it’s cloudy?

Hot air balloons do not fly when it’s cloudy because they cannot generate enough lift to stay aloft. 

The wind may cause turbulence and high pressure, damaging the balloon.

Stormy days are also not recommended because the balloon may become unstable and fall.

How high can hot air balloons go? 

Hot air balloon flight height varies depending on the type of balloon and the weight of passengers.

Generally speaking, the higher your altitude, the longer the flight time.

However, once you reach an altitude of approximately 10,000 feet (3,048 meters), the duration of the flight starts decreasing.

At this point, the balloon becomes too heavy to maintain its stability.

To increase the flight time, you can reduce the number of passengers or add ballast.

Other safety considerations

Safety precautions must follow seriously to ensure that everyone has a safe trip.

These include:

  1. Helmet – A helmet is mandatory for anyone who wants to climb aboard the balloon.
  2. Lifejackets – Everyone must wear life jackets.
  3. Fire extinguisher – Fire extinguishers must be available in the balloon.

 Final words

In conclusion, hot air balloon rides are fun and exciting. They provide excellent views of nature and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

But remember to be careful and follow all instructions from the balloon operator. Also, make sure that you have everything you need before embarking on your journey.

For example, bring extra clothes, food, water, sunscreen, and other items you might need during your trip.

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