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How To Control Hot Air Balloon Rust?

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Our Guide To Controlling a Hot Air Balloon On Rust

If you are familiar with the video game called rust, you might have noticed the update came around in 2018, allowing you to now pilot your hot air balloons as the fourth aerial transport.

Operating hot air balloons on rust is easy once you get the hang of it, you simply need to familiarise yourself with the parts such as the ignition and engine to gain control and get an overview of the whole map.

Down below, we’ve gone into further detail about how to control a hot balloon as well as why you should use it and who can enter the command.

What Are The Hot Air Balloons On Rust?

Hot air balloons can now be found across the map on rust around every 1km like minicopters and rowboats. They are found in the open areas on the map and can be found spread out on the ground.

These hot air balloons start with 1500 of health which starts to come down after being played for around 180 minutes, the basket can hold around 5 players in total and the decay time could be adjusted by servers.

How To Control a Rust Hot Air Balloon (Part By Part)

To play hot air balloons the best on rust, you need to understand their parts and how to control them, these are very important to get the most out of your game.

We’ve listed the essentials to note down below.

The Ignition Button

On the west side of your hot air balloon basket, you will find a red button, this is the ignition and it will read as the name burn, it can be used to inflate and deflate the balloon.

The button needs to be depressed throughout flying to help control the balloon against the wind otherwise it will turn off after 15 seconds.

Engine & Fuel Storage

The engine of the hot air balloon can carry 500 low-grade fuel at a time and will be found at the top of the basket, to open the container inside you press the E button, when the engine is in use the flame can be seen from long distances.

Windsock & Flags

These are on the north, west and south side of a hot air balloon basket, they are red and white wind flags, they are excellent for judging the wind direction when flying and on the ground.

Loot Containers

Loot containers can be found on the right side of your hot air balloon basket, they will look like a leather sachet and can hold up to 12 items at once.

Why You Should Use a Hot Air Balloon On Rust

The update of hot air balloons on rust gives a huge advantage to players and should be used because of the following –

  • They can be used as a location device for players, not on your team/party.
  • It can be spawned into the game for custom events.
  • Gives more interactions.
  • Gives additional transportation instead of walking/running.
  • Could become a vessel used when transitioning to another server.
  • Admins can use it to advertise rust servers.

Who Can Enter The Hot Air Balloon Command On Rust?

For now, the rust hot air balloon command can only be issued by admins and moderators on vanilla servers. Non-admin players unfortunately will only be able to see the balloons, not spawn them.

To command a balloon as an admin, use these steps below. –

  • Enter ‘spawn hotairballoon’ and make sure you are above ground and not clipped on a wall.
  • Make sure you point the cursor where you want the hot air balloon to spawn.
  • To remove a hot air balloon using the ent kill command.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Air Balloons On Rust

What are some tips for using a hot air balloon on rust? 

For first time users of hot air balloons on rust, we suggest always making sure that your balloon is repaired before flying, otherwise the speed of your balloon will be very slow.

Why use a hot air balloon on rust? 

Hot air balloons on rust give you an excellent advantage, they allow you to spot the enemy’s from afar due to their high height and gain new heights.

How much fuel does a rust hot air balloon use? 

A rust hot air balloon uses 900 low-grade fuels per hour.

Last Words

Overall, controlling a hot air balloon and spawning one can only be done by a moderator or admin, other users can see them, not control them. To control a hot air balloon you need to ensure your balloon is in good health, using the ignition to control the balloon with wind speed as well the flags to judge the direction you are going.

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