What Would Happen If A Hot Air Balloon Kept Going Up?

A hot air balloon is something that most people take for granted as a simple object. What most people don’t realize is that hot air balloons are something that can be dangerous because they are built on thin sheets of plastic that are not strong enough to hold the hot air inside of them.

When a hot air balloon doesn’t have enough lift to hold it aloft, it can plummet to the ground.

If you’ve ever been on a hot air balloon ride, you’ve probably wondered the same thing: What would happen if a balloon kept going up? Would it just keep rising higher and higher and higher? Or would it ever stop?

A  air balloon that keeps ascending will eventually reach an altitude of about 36 km (22 miles), where the temperature is below –90 °C (-130 °F) and the atmospheric pressure is about a hundredth that at sea level. It will then keep ascending and burst.

What would happen if you rode a hot air balloon as high as possible until you ran out of fuel?

You would continue to rise off the ground due to the hot air. Eventually, the hot air would cool, and you would begin to rise more slowly, but you would still rise. Eventually, the hot air would cool, and you would stop rising at all.

Could a person ride a hot air Balloon to space?

No, hot air balloons do not contain the necessary equipment to launch a person into space.

If a hot air balloon runs out of fuel, does it float down like a parachute or would it fall out of the sky?

A hot air balloon will not be able to float down like a parachute. When hot air rises, it can only rise. It will fall out of the sky and be destroyed.

Why do hot air balloons have sandbags?

In the sky, we are all on the same level—but when you’re aloft, it’s not a given that you’ll be comfortable.

Sandbags, which are filled with sand to keep the balloon’s payload from sinking, are used to create weight for the balloon, so passengers don’t get thrown around or need to hold on for dear life.

Is it a requirement to wear a parachute in a hot air balloon?

It is not a requirement to wear a parachute while flying in a hot air balloon. However, a majority of the national and international organizations and agencies, including the FAA (United States), EASA (Europe) and CAR (Canada) recommend the use of a personal parachute device.

And it is still a good idea to wear a parachute in a hot air balloon in case of emergency.

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